A Word about EWT

Expertise Windows Training (EWT) provides bespoke training and development solutions designed to suit the individual needs of our clients. 

Skills gaps are a commonplace occurrence in the new global digital economy and can lead to a multitude of inefficiencies and barriers to transformation within organisations. We address specific hard- and soft-skills gaps on behalf of our clients, whether they be found in leadership, finance, human resources, sales, retail or a range of other areas.

EWTraining brings a deluge of industry veterans to the market, with rich experience across dozens of sectors, in organisations regional and global, private and public. 

In today’s globally interconnected economy, skills may not remain relevant for long in the face of changing business models. EWTraining works closely with clients while they transform their businesses, collaborating on the enrichment of team members’ skillsets, so they can remain relevant even as business processes fluctuate around them. 

It has never been more important to invest in the human element. Properly trained individuals return to their teams empowered to offer robust contributions to the enhancement of innovation, operational efficiencies and productivity throughout the enterprise.


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To continually deliver with excellence development programs for the complete satisfaction of our clients need. To enhance and publish specialized expertise in the private and public sector. Prepare and groom fresh graduates and entry level employees with the required set of skills to better perform in their new jobs


To be a leading provider for world-class training and development solutions to enhance competencies and champion change in organizations, at local, regional and international levels.


  • To design specific programs based on the clients identifies gaps and/or requirement

  • To provide solutions to increase nationalization in the privet and public sector.

  • To educate our customer’s staff on regulatory requirement and compliance.

  • To enhance and enrich the presence and attention of EWT to the community.

Core Values

  • Long term relationship

  • Professionalism

  • Team spirit

  • Creativity

  • Integrity

  • Quality


  • 1. Start

    Founded in Saudi Arabia as a group of freelancer trainers and ex-bankers.

  • 2. Expansion

    Expanded in Soft skills, management and retail.

  • 3. Specialization

    Specialized mainly in Banking regulatory, Insurance control and operation management.

  • 4. Transformation

    Transformed into a structured company and started producing Strategic Solutions from off-the-shelf courses to a sophisticated tailored solutions and function outsourcing services.

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    Saudi Arabia

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