Anger Management

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We all know an angry face when we see one. Anger is such a universal and powerful emotion that can make you physically and emotionally ill, sap your energy and poison your relationships or it can motivate you to make needed changes and add vitality to your life. This training program aims to help you adopt a more constructive attitude towards your anger and to more effectively manage anger in others as well.  Practical activities and tools that will empower those who act out their anger in negative ways to gain better control of their anger and their lives and use it as a tool to motivate and empower them to affirm their integrity or boundaries. The program will encourage participants to look deep inside to explore the roots of their anger and present alternatives to the old ways of thinking and dealing with anger 

Delivery methods:

  •  Self-discovery and critique
  •  Group exploration and facilitator led discussions 
  •  Practical exercises
  •  Best practice theory exploration

Course objectives

By the end of this training course participants will be able to: 

  •  Understand both the “Right” skill set and mind set to manage their anger.
  •  Learn to communicate angry feelings in ways that will be heard and express their anger in ways that take into account each person’s needs.
  •  Adopt a more constructive attitude towards anger and understand the difference between constructive and destructive anger.
  •  Use practical techniques to properly handle anger in others

Target audience

Business professionals at all levels 

Course Outline

Module 1:

  • Anger Anatomy
  • Is anger good or bad?
  • Five famous myths about anger
  • Having the “Right Mind Set” for managing anger 
  • Physical effects of anger

Module 2:

  • The Anger Management Skill Set
  • Having the “Right Skill Set” for managing anger
  • The 4 deep sources of anger
  • The assertive statement to communicate anger
  • Rules of assertive behavior

Module 3:

  • The Anger Management Process
  • My personal anger assessment – Self-assessment
  • A four-step process to effectively express your anger

Module 4:

  • Handling Anger in Others
  • The importance of listening
  • Summarizing and reflecting back what was said
  • Reflecting emotions and reframing statements
  • Three-step technique for handling anger in others 

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